Our Portfolio.


We have an incredibly diverse portfolio of startups hailing from more than 7 countries across the region including Singapore, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam. These startups also represent a diverse range of industries including HR, shipping/ logistics, enterprise SaaS solutions, fintech, big data, medtech, adtech and more.




Startups Description


BeamAndGo (Philippines): BeamAndGo is a payment and digital marketplace that empowers migrant workers by giving them control over how their remittances are spent by their families back home. Over 200k migrant workers use BeamAndGo every month to ensure their hard-earned money is used for productive purposes back home.

Datanest (Indonesia): Datanest is a Data Science as a Service Startup, helping companies to drive their performance and profitability through AI and Machine Learning algorithm. By employing AI and ML algorithms, Datanest helps the company forecast issues, identify trends and abnormal behaviour, ultimately optimizing a company’s workflow process.

DeafTawk (Pakistan): DeafTawk is an online sign language interpretation services serving the global deaf community. We provide online sign language interpretation services, audio-video translation services, and sign language training. We give freedom to the deaf community by eliminating communication barriers to daily activities like transport, health and education.

Klaud9 (Singapore): Klaud9 matches photographers with brands to create amazing photos for their social media & marketing campaigns, helping brands scale their photo shoots across regions at competitive pricing. Our customers include big global brands like Quandoo, VISA, Google, NTUC, and Grab. In the first half of 2019 we have generated USD500K in revenue.

Loop (Bangladesh): Loop is a marketplace for full truckload freight, that allows shippers to book, track and pay for shipments. In their 3-month pilot, the founding team of traders and technology entrepreneurs moved 1200 tonnes of goods spanning 3 major cities in Bangladesh, secured 140 truckers and USD1.3M per annum of Letter of Intent.

Medlink (Vietnam): Medlink is revolutionizing the medicine and health product distribution model in Vietnam by creating a platform that connects consumers, pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies. Benefits include access to authentic medication, preventing circulation of counterfeit and low-quality products, and driving the betterment of Vietnam’s public health.

Panalyt (Singapore): Panalyt puts actionable people analytics in the hands of managers across organisations through user-friendly dashboards and AI-driven insights. The data-driven decision-making process cuts out pre-existing biases, levelling the playing field for all employees. Current clients include Careem, Mercari, aCommerce and Circles.Life.

TalentTribe (Singapore): TalentTribe is a millennial job search platform that provides an inside look into different companies and careers. We work with clients including LEGO, Sephora, Singtel, Philips and EDB to bring their employer brand stories to life and help jobseekers visualize what it is like to work with them – to help them attract and hire early-career talent with a great fit.

Web2Ship (Malaysia): Web2ship is the for logistics in Asia that help online sellers to search, compare and book different courier and postal services by identifying the best shipping services. Through volume-based cost optimisation, Web2Ship reduces the costs for shipping customers while providing high-quality service not available through traditional options.

Zantrik (Bangladesh): Zantrik the only online automotive service and resource platform in Bangladesh. We ensure a seamless and standard maintenance experience for our 16,000 customers by connecting them to vetted and audited service providers. Present services include maintenance, insurance and countrywide roadside assistance. Upcoming services are cashless refueling and on demand driver sourcing. With monthly revenue growth at 40% and no major competition, we are poised for rapid growth and are introducing new products and services to our growing and loyal user base.

Picture of Cohort 1 Founders during Week 1 Team Bonding activity

Picture of Cohort 1 Founders during Week 1 Team Bonding activity