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Our flagship startup accelerator program is backed by Accelerating Asia Ventures Pte Ltd, a Venture Capital Fund. Through our Fund, investors invest in high-growth startups from around the region.

About Accelerating Asia Ventures

Founded by a team of experienced startup veterans, Accelerating Asia Ventures is a pre-seed VC fund that invests in startups across Southeast Asia and beyond. Based in Singapore, Accelerating Asia Ventures is regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Pioneered by 500 Startups and Y Combinator, this model has proven success around the world and Southeast Asian startups are now at the maturity level to fully leverage this type of platform. 


► Why invest?

  • Access to quality startups, founded by top entrepreneurs

  • We work with our startups through an intensive, high-impact 4-month program

  • We work across industries and are sector agnostic which means our portfolio is diverse

  • Our investment terms attract the best founders

  • We are truly regional and work with startups across Southeast Asia and beyond

► The Best Startups Choose Us.

  • Downtown CBD location

  • Access to our network

  • A proven program

  • Founder-friendly investment terms

  • Program perks

  • Entrepreneur in Residence

  • Founder Community

  • Global Connections

► The Time is Now.

Join Singapore-based Accelerating Asia Ventures, a pre-seed VC fund to find out more about the untapped potential of startups 6-18 months away from institutional funding. With most angels and startup programs in the region focussed on ideation-MVP stage startups, and venture funds focused on solid product-market fit, startups with a robust product at early stages of customer traction are often overlooked. Find out how you can get involved as an investor in the fund and how Accelerating Asia Ventures are targeting this high-potential group of startups that offer lower risk and a quicker path to exit.