Meet Amra, one of the co-founders of Accelerating Asia!


Where is your hometown?

Harare, Zimbabwe

What are some of your previous working experiences?

I started my career in an agency working with some big brands like Coty, Chanel, Samsung and Diageo. It was a great experience, but I was looking for something a bit more. I ended up moving to Singapore about 6 years ago to join UN Women Singapore heading up their global social entrepreneur program in partnership with Mastercard – Project Inspire. While there I also led corporate partnerships and worked with many multinationals on their corporate responsibility and diversity initiatives. Before I joined the muru-D team looking after community and operations in Singapore, I spent a year travelling around the Philippines, London and Australia doing some freelance work and consulting with the University of Queensland’s incubator and accelerator programs. Right now I’m also the Curator for Global Shapers Singapore, an initiative of the World Economic Forum and the host of the Doing Good Podcast, which is also a radio segment on 938Now.

What inspired you to start Accelerating Asia?

I think for me, Accelerating Asia has been something that I’ve been unconsciously working towards for the past 10 years. I have always had a passion for creating impact through business and often found myself switching between the two worlds. Accelerating Asia is a vehicle to really create change in a sustainable way across so many different parts of the region by creating economic opportunities, driving new business models and supporting the adoption of technology as a tool for change for people in Asia.

What is your day-to-day like at Accelerating Asia?

Day-to-day? Haha. I think not having a day-to-day is why we’re doing what we’re doing.

What is your favorite startup advice?

Understanding your weaknesses and gaps in skillsets in team is important. You don’t need to know everything. But you do need to know when to ask for help, and who to ask.

What songs do you like to listen to?

Gosh, I listen to almost everything depending on my mood. Hip hop, rap, pop, Soca, lounge/ soft house, acoustic. I also have an awesome sleep time playlist that helps me wind down in the evenings and gives me the deepest sleeps. But apart from that, at the moment I’m a fan of Post Malone, Julia Michaels, Tash Sultana and Cardi B.

What is your secret superpower?

I have really hot hands. Someone once told me they were good for healing people. Haven’t tested that out yet though!

What is on your bucket list for 2019?

Finish my Master’s degree, learn American Sign Language and travel somewhere that I haven’t been before.

What is your dream vacation like?

I’m really craving a vacation with no phones, no laptops and lots of nature. Maybe in a rainforest or a quiet beach. I’m such a fan of all-inclusive resorts so if it’s all you can eat and all you can drink, count me in!

What is one thing that is unexpected of you?

I keep up with the Kardashians.

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