Program Structure.


As the only independent traditional startup accelerator program in Singapore, we focus on our startups first which means our interests are aligned from Day 1. Our startups receive competitive funding at founder-friendly- terms, as well as access to best-in-class mentors, investors, customers and our network of partners. You’ll have access to a great space in the downtown area in Singapore with a high-value and efficiently-run program that offers tremendous value while giving you time to run your business.

The program is split into two parts: a three month program period with weekly activities followed by a 1 month final period inclusive of the international trip and demo day.

► 3 Month Program Sample Weekly Schedule:

Monday: Founder & EiR Standup

Tuesday: 1 on 1 with EiR

Wednesday: Masterclass

Friday: Open House

► 1 Month Final Period

International Trip: During the final month of the program, founders will join Accelerating Asia on a Startup Mastery Program in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. All founders in the program will travel the the US to engage in pre-arranged meetings and events with top founders, investors and other ecosystem players in the Valley. Founders are also expected to attend independently arranged meetings for business, fundraising and other networking purposes.

Demo Day: It’s your time to shine! Celebrate the conclusion of the program at Demo Day where founders will pitch their businesses to a private audience of the top investors in the region, multinationals, government partners and other relevant ecosystem players.




International Trip.


A key differentiator for Accelerating Asia’s startup program is our trip to Silicon Valley and San Francisco. Each cohort travels to the Valley for a week of scheduled activities and most founders stay for at least one week extra for follow up meetings.

Immersing yourself in the world’s top startup city is a game changing experience that helps our founders make important global connections, learn how to move faster and gain perspective from the world’s most successful startup influencers.

Here’s a sample of activities from past trips:

► Pitch at 500 Startups to the General Partners

► Pitch at Silicon Valley Bank to SVB partners and network connections

► 2 hours with the General Partner of Polaris Ventures ($5 billion VC fund) and previous CEO of oDesk, Gary Swart

► 2 hours with the Director of Stanford’s School of Entrepreneurship

► Panel of Silicon Valley Angels @ Block 71, San Francisco

► Private session with Uber’s Director of Product

► Founder communication workshop with Innerspace