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The Startup Accelerator Model isn't working in Southeast Asia... let's fix it

It seems like every week a new accelerator program is opening, yet if you ask around just as many seem to be closing their doors. Considering all of this and contemplating our career moves after muru-D, Amra Naidoo (who ran Operations and Marketing for muru-D) and I realized that there is a “third way” to operate a startup accelerator, and together we decided that we’re going to run with it…

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Got what it takes? Here are the 7 things we look for in a startup

As we gear up for cohort 1 of Accelerating Asia, I am getting asked “What profile of startups are you looking for?”.  It’s a good question since we don’t have a vertical focus and our investment terms are very flexible in term of valuation (we use a SAFE).  At a top level we are open to any awesome founders solving big problems, but here are the 7 main things that we look for.

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