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A framework for the Edtech revolution in Asia

With such growth and upskilling over the coming years, we will see adept employees of these firms venturing out on their own to propagate future tech giants. Much like the multiples generated by the PayPal founding team diaspora. The aforementioned is creating a shortage in the available domestic supply of skills which is being supplemented by remote workers and immigration without sufficient avail. This naturally creates opportunities for savvy minds to innovate on the delivery of recruitment, human resource management, and for this post, education…

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OPINIONNesh Sooriyan
The Startup Accelerator Model isn't working in Southeast Asia... let's fix it

It seems like every week a new accelerator program is opening, yet if you ask around just as many seem to be closing their doors. Considering all of this and contemplating our career moves after muru-D, Amra Naidoo (who ran Operations and Marketing for muru-D) and I realized that there is a “third way” to operate a startup accelerator, and together we decided that we’re going to run with it…

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Holy Sh!t, We Did It!

A year ago, in the aftermath of one of the top startup accelerator programs in the region closing down, I published an article about the need to reinvent the startup accelerator model in Southeast Asia. It seemed to hit a nerve. The article was republished across various media, and parts were later used in a Singapore Business Review piece about the ‘death’ of these programs in Singapore…

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