Meet Jenn, one of the judges for our first cohort bootcamp!


Tell us a little bit about yourself!

Hi, My name is Jenn Villalobos and I am currently heading up a team of growth hackers and digital product managers for NTUC Income’s Corporate Innovation arm. I am closet entrepreneur living in a corporate world, always initiating change to drive impact in this  mad-mad digital world.

 What do you look for in a startup?

Beyond a solution, a platform, a technology or a business model; I look for authentic Founders that are able to set ego aside and allow room to grow. They don’t shy away from radical candour and are able to cognitively make the hard calls. That is what I look for in startups: Awesome and Authentic People.

What is your 1 piece of advice to startups to best prepare for this bootcamp?

Show up humble, hungry and happy. You will a have a unique opportunity to step onto a unique platform of open and honest & engaged feedback. Soak it all up, leave your egos behind and enjoy the journey! 

What are you most looking forward to regarding this bootcamp?

I have tremendous respect for Amra and Craig and believe 100% in what Accelerating Asia stands which is to harness the power of founders to drive positive change. I believe that product excellence stands on the shoulders of great leaders. It’s within the tenacity and the humility of a founder that I have seen real magic happen.

Learn more about Jenn and her amazing work via her LinkedIn Profile!