Meet Elena, our skillful Operations Manager!


Where is your hometown?

Rochester, NY, USA

Where did you previously work at?

Before moving to Singapore, I was exploring the Berlin startup ecosystem. I worked for Startupbootcamp, which runs industry-focused accelerators around the world. And even before Startupbootcamp, I was reporting on the Berlin startup scene with Vertical Media and freelancing for startups like Clue.

What are you currently doing at Accelerating Asia?

Now I run operations at Accelerating Asia in Singapore. My work includes event management, mentor engagement, and also the nitty gritty admin work to make sure our program runs smoothly for everyone involved.

Why Accelerating Asia?

I love that Accelerating Asia is an independent startup accelerator. This independence has allowed the company co-founders Amra and Craig to build a program that prioritizes founders and what is best for their startups. Helping founders succeed is a great mission to be a part of.

What is your favorite startup advice?

Fail fast. If you got something, put it out there, test it, and iterate.

What is your guilty pleasure song?

Too many to mention I think. Let’s go with the entire soundtrack of Disney’s Moana.

What is your favorite Travel Destination in Southeast Asia?

Right now it’s Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I love the energy and feel of the city...and, yes, the food is amazing. But I still have so much to see and explore!