House Rules

The Accelerating Asia team love having you here with us. We want this place to be as much yours as it is ours. And we want to create a community that is open, inclusive and respectful. As such, we hope that you will join us in taking ownership over our shared space and treat it with as much respect as you would do for your own property.

So, there are 2 main principles that guide our House Rules:

  1. treat everyone and everything with respect; and,

  2. just be cool.


In case we need to clarify a few things, here are some of the nitty-gritty:

Mi casa es su casa

  • Be professional and treat everyone at Accelerating Asia with kindness and respect. This includes any of our guests, mentors, investors, cleaners, security and other stakeholders. Each person plays an important part to keep the operations running smoothly.

  • No smoking anywhere within the building. Smoking is permitted outside the building. Make sure that you clean up your cigarette butts.

  • Clean up after yourself -- little things matter and people do judge us on how professional we are. So, if the office looks dirty, people won't come back!

  • Be nice to our neighbours (other companies on other floors of this building and anyone in general)! They are our friends and potentially your customers.

General & Admin

  • If something is broken, tell Elena! (well, email/slack her)

  • Printing is for general office use only. Please do not use the printers as your printing press. Any marketing material that's colour-intensive should be done professionally.

Emergency Exits

  • The Fire Exit by the grey pantry area. Please clear the walkway and keep your personal items away from the area. We would not want to climb over things (and risk falling) during an emergency.

Guests & Meeting Rooms

  • You must pick up guests who do not have a pass from the entrance. It is not anyone's responsibility to pick up or open the door for your guest

  • There is a carpark within Capital Square, and parking charges apply accordingly. We do encourage guests to take public transportation or carpool whenever possible.

  • Conference room - you need to book the conference room. Please do a general tidy of the room (arrange chairs, clean whiteboards, remove rubbish) after you’ve finished your meeting and leave the door open, lights off & air conditioner off when you leave.

Pantry Area

  • Alcohol - Off limits until 3pm Friday (or otherwise specified by an Accelerating Asia team member).

  • Food - You are advised to consume your food at the pantry. If you have takeaway packaging or left-over food, please make sure you throw them in the big trash bin on the street. Do not throw any food items in the trash bin in the office.

  • Trash - for bulky items you shall dispose them directly to blue trash bins downstairs. Food items ought to be disposed before you leave. Overnight food items might attract unnecessary visitors including cockroaches, rats, mice, ants etc.

  • Coffee Maker - Please keep the coffee making area clean and tidy.

  • Plates & Cutlery - Please make sure to wash up after yourself at the wet pantry in the hallway.


  • If you are the last person to leave the office make sure you:

    • Turn off all lights & air conditioners

    • Make sure there is no food items left out that will attract unwanted guests (cockroaches etc.) – please dispose of or pack them away

    • Check that the entrance door is closed

  • Strictly no sleeping allowed in the office.